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Genesis Ark St. Humeri
The war between Heaven and Hell began before the existence of human, for centuries until now. Since the birth of human in the garden of Eden, demon exploits the dark side of human’s heart – fear, doom, pain, anger, lie, guilt to enslave human, uses them as a tool to fight against Heaven. Even the merciful angels apply many strategies can’t stop Eden from despair. Before the Eden completely fallen, Heaven decides to split a small part of Eden and turn it into a giant ark. They cover this small part of land with the strongest enchantment to ensure its long-last existence. This small part of Eden, is where our journey begins – St. Humeri.
Doombringer——About Eternal War
The ancient St. Humeri depended on the power of magic and machinery, reached the pinnacle of civilization, but such peace didn’t last forever. The invasion of Demon put the land in despair, became the eternal battlefield of Heaven and Hell. Creature on remembered nothing but carnage. Even the purest angel had possibility to be darkened. Some of the angels were tired of eternal war, they felt desperate and turn into the slaves of Hell – Fallen Angels. These fallen angels leaked the secret of St. Humeri’s enchantment, caught the land off guard. Although the angel alliance successfully gathered all forces to expel Demon, but the ancient culture couldn’t be recovered anymore.
People call this the Eternal War… A war that turns ancient civilization into ashes. The end of Eternal War is also called as the Genesis, and the first year of Genesis is named as GE.1.
The story is to be continue...
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