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Hi Friends,
I'm very glad to meet you all on this 1st day of the month because we are all in lock down for more than 35 days but God is always protecting us.
Every day he is providing his grace and also he is so good and faithful and gracious that we are into a new blessed month.
On this month god has given me the word to speak into your lives.
Word: Acts 5:19-20
19- But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the doors of the jail and brought them out.
20- “Go, stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people all about this new life.”
Whom did angels brought out of the prison? Is that what we are going to see today?
When we see apostles who live a Christ-life, where ever they go they do miracles and miracles happens .wherever they go there is peace, Because their shadow cures the disease of people, handicapped gets cured .and there is a lot of happiness and peace in every people life.
Seeing this, the religious heads planned to destroy them, and so they arrested the apostles.
But our God Jesus Christ helped the apostles who were prisoned, he sends the angels to the prison and brought them out of it .if you could see how they came out of the prison is? When the religious heads visit the prison there was no one inside but the prison was locked and the soldiers were standing outside, but there was no one inside the prison. Suddenly a man comes and tells them the guys whom we locked inside the prison were preaching in the church
How because Jesus Christ saved them out of prison by sending the angels was still an unknown factor for those people.
And also to the soldiers who were standing right next to the sell.
And that’s how Jesus Christ sends the divine deliverance to the apostles
God gave a supernatural deliverance to them.
So today when we carry Jesus Christ or we live a Christ centered life God gives us a divine peace to people through us.
Even in our life, he fills us with overflowing peace; he does miracles wherever we go
And wherever we go god is making us an example for others .when we carry Jesus in our life
When we live a Christ-life people may get jealous on us and also they think to destroy us seeing our growth, they may also turn our situation against us, they may also talk a false accusation on us, also they can rise against us but this month is going to be a supernatural month
If you are in that situation where people are against you or risen against you to destroy you
Never be afraid, in this May month god is sending a supernatural release to your lives.
God is sending a divine deliverance in your life.
It seems to be locked. Where the soldiers were standing next to the gate and the prison I s also locked .but there is no one inside the prison,
Likewise, it seems to be locked down, it seems to be inside, it seems to be that you cannot come out and the situations are destroying you don't be an afraid god is going to send a supernatural release in our life.
He is going to send a divine deliverance in your life.
You may think that it's hard to get over your situations or come out of it but today you’re going to stand in front of your situations because God is going to do that supernatural thing in your life
The angels did not say the apostles to hide from the religious head rather they told the apostles to go the church and preach the word of god, in the sense, they are giving them guts.
They are not telling them to hide but they are giving them divine guts. Like that go and stand in front of those who oppose you, may be your situation is opposing you, go and stand in front of the situation. Those who are pulling our legs and not making you to grow and are you thinking how to stand in front of them?
Throw away all our fears and go and stand in front f them because God is giving you the supernatural strength to stand in front of them, God is giving you a SUPERNATURAL RELEASE AND SUPERNATURAL POWER.
This month you're going to be doing things without any fear and god is going to give deliverance in whatever things you do. This happens when we do live for god; in fact, we live the entire life for god.
So whatever work you do, do it for the sake of god and glorify his name, whatever you speak let his name glorified .god will never put us to shame.

This may month is going to be a supernatural release .this month god will deliver you a divine release.
May God bless you! Continue to pray and be safe

Word by: Eva. Davidson

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