"Talk about social distancing, how do you social distance with 8 people in one room?"

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"Talk about social distancing, how do you social distance with 8 people in one room?"

Today we are in Medellin Colmbia, We chat with Fr Peter Walters from Let The Children Live about the grave situation for those on the streets of South America in particular in Colombia and neighbouring Venezuela

"A woman from Venezuela has been able to rent a room here and she has 3 children, she asked us to take in 2 boys at the start of lockdown… If the three children were in one room imagine the pressure… desperate to get out. The mother is under pressure too from people making passes at her, forcing the door to try rape her and they have bed bugs and fleas. In some families up to 8 people are in one room"

"I think it is very important that the Church is still seen to be present. I am worried that once this is over and analysed people will ask where was the Church? This is a time of crisis, and crisis comes from the Greek for judgement and we will be judged by the way we react to this crisis and this is something to which Christians must rise and show that their charity will not be limited, their courage will not be limited to the challenge presented to us and bear witness to the Risen Lord"

To help Fr Peter and support those most vulernable on the streets in Colombia donate via: #!/

or contact George McAleenan on 01698 842 846 or email him at georgemcaleenan@
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