Tau Empire vs. Aeldari Soup - ITC 2,000pts

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This is a matchup between Josef Mccoy and Nathan Billings, Tau Empire being Josef, and Aeldari being Nathan. Calling it a soup because its a mix of Craftworlds Alaitoc, Dark Eldar, and Ynnari. Josef of course being Tau Empire, Focusing on a Broadside list. Also want to apologize as this video did not start until in the middle of Round 1, also of the side chatter from me which ended up being easily heard, but its only part of the video. Lastly I also want to point out a Mistake many may point out about Jainzar, being that you can only add +3 inch to the charge if she advances. In this case she Deepstriked. So thats a known mistake.

This Batrep is also the first of many, going forward they will be properly recorded. This one was kinda done on a whim, so proper preparation was not taken. But otherwise Enjoy!!
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