Testament - City of Angels | guitar cover with solos by sanfrancisca5150

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Yooo, whassup guys. New Testament! I've been listening to "Titans of Creation" non-stop since yesterday and decided to pay tribute to these thrash legends by learning my favorite solo off the album. ...With the solo, of course I had to learn the rest of the song.

Green screen in full effect again! This song happens to be about one of the many interesting and extremely morbid events in history: Richard Ramirez, the "Night Stalker", who was a serial killer/rapist in the mid-1980s, went on a spree in LA and SF before getting caught. The footage behind me is taken from a short documentary on him, which you can find on if you type in his name. I figured it would be a fitting but at some point there will be a nice, relaxing aquarium to help you sleep soundly during this quarantine, I promise!

Tuning used: Db standard.
Gear used: EVH 5150 III combo (GREEN & RED), Jackson SLSMG (early model), POD HD 500 with Conductor Wah and Chamber Reverb. No amp sim. Mic'ed and recorded with Zoom H6 X/Y.
Learned by ear. I haven't tabbed it, but if you want a tab hmu in the comments ↓

Home entertainment & love xoxox

I don't own the copyright to this music, but check out Titans of Creation and bang some heads \m/@_@\m/
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