The Angels' Outlook For The Month Of April 2020 - Angels Talk

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Mary Jo brings you the Angels' Monthly Outlook!

Important messages here. (4 cards)

1. Zadkiel - Clairaudience - Realize that you are getting guidance from Spirit, the Angels and others around you. Pay attention to your gut reactions – from both your Spirit guides and the Angels. Listen you are getting messages.

2. Ariel – Courage - Be courageous and focus on the best case scenarios at this time of uncertainty. Do not allow FEAR to invade your energy space. Stay light!

3. Sandalphon – Gentleness – This angel is helping to bring gentleness to us and others at this time. It is an intense period for many of us. Remember to take a deep breath and step back and recenter continually throughout your day. Ask this Angel for help in this.

4. Michael - Remember who you are - Michael also brings you strength and courage at this time to protect you and ease your fears. Know you are never alone, the Angels are with you. Remember who you are. You are a powerful spark of the Divine! You are loved.

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