The Bears and The Bees - Play or Pain EP 3

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We teamed up with Grandpa Beck’s Games, the creators of Cover Your Assets and Skull King, to play The Bears and The Bees; a beautiful game that's chill and intense at the same time!

We have a special double discount for you early birds (and Bees)! Buy The Bears and the Bees today using our code [30HONEYBEE] for 30% OFF!

Be sure to consult the rule book for official rules as sometimes rules are modified from one printing to the next (We also might not have played every rule correctly, whoops!)

Special Thanks to Grandpa Beck’s Games, Pleasant Pictures and our dearest Patreon Patrons especially Jack Abramowitz, Anne M Moscrip, Mark Nicholson, John Pestana and Lee Schnee.

Check us out on Insta for behind the scenes moments and hilarious hijinks:

If you want to know more about the charities mentioned in this episode. Check out the links below!
The Lumos Foundation (Adam's)

The Center for Women and Children In Crisis (James’)

The Children's Defense Fund (Natalie's)

Mom's Demand Action (Whitney's)
Rise of angels gameplay

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