The Grand Priest is the Judge, Jury and Executioner! Dragon Ball Super Manga

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Music by PokéMixr92
Based on the original by Norihito Sumitomo

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Hello and welcome back all my Dragon Ball Theorist, ever since that very first time where Zeno wanted to meet Goku and asked for him to visit his palace. It changed Dragon Ball Super for many of us as we finally got our real first glimpse at the Angel hierarchy. Upon the arrival of Shin, Goku and Whis at Zeno's palace, they would be greeted by none of than The Grand Priest. This was a character that captivated us and our imaginations since that walk down this corridor where Goku noticed something was different about him. "That doesn't look it, but he seems pretty strong" Whis is pleased at his students observation and lets us know. "The Grand Priest is among the top five in battle strength in all the universes. Or so it is said" An excited Goku who loves finding powerful fighters is quickly warned by Whis. "You must not say anything rude, such as that you'd like to fight him. Let me just say that even I'm no match for him."

A lot has happened since this first meeting and there have been countless theories about this mysterious character. Everything from The Grand Priest being The One Above All and actually above Zeno, to him playing a part in some sinister evil Angel agenda. We know he isn't evil now and only is an ambassador for the Angel laws. So I want to talk more about his purpose since we now have so much more information. I don't mean how he acts like an attendant to the Omni King but more focused on his actual role within the realm of the Angels. Ever since we got that bombshell from Whis that the Daishinkan is his father, we suspected there was a lot more to be revealed about the origins of angels and their home-world.

Now with the introduction of the Angel Merus in this Galactic Patrol Arc of the Manga we have been treated to a lot more that goes on behind the scenes in regards to Angels and their purpose. The laws they are bound too and what happens to an Angel if they choose to disobey these it isn't pretty. There were many clues that Merus was an Angel ever since he first appeared in chapter 42 and easily captured Goku and Vegeta. However our brains were hardwired that there are only 12 Universes left in the Dragon Ball Multiverse so there can only be 13 Angels, one for each Universe and then the Grand Priest who is the father to all the Angels.

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