The Podcast - The Music of God #4 - Singers

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LaMar Boschman discusses with Batsirai Chada those that sing in heaven. Who are they and what do they sound like? How do they sing and what do they sing?

These episode topics are from a one-of-a-kind online course called The Music of God:

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1. The first group of singers are the angels. What are they beholding to sing so passionately and endlessly? Though they have been there for millennia they are seeing new aspects, glimpses and perfections of God as if it was the first time.
2. The angels sang with full voice responding loudly to what they are transfixed on.
3. The martyrs, killed by the satanic beast refusing his tattoo, now standing alive and victorious singing loudly grateful for their life and rescue. They are celebrating in boisterous and victorious song.
4. The four living creatures (indistinguishable and unrecognizable creatures nothing like anything on earth) are singing.
5. The twenty-four ruling elders sing sitting on their thrones then rise and throw their crowns at the foot of the Lamb. So aware of whom they are in the midst of they naturally respond in song.
6. The weight of His glory will cause us to bend the knee, bow with foreheads to the ground in total obeisance to Majestic One.
7. All creatures in heaven and on earth sing to the All-Powerful King--crocodiles and reptiles, whales and quails, red birds and blue birds, amberjack and humpback, harks and larks all sing to their Creator King.
8. Of all creatures in the created order we are the only creatures who have a choice to sing.
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