THE OFFICIAL BEST & WORST Call of Duty Zombies Maps of All-Time (proven by data)

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Call of Duty Zombies official best and worst maps of all-time, proven by data!
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It pains me to say I made an unfortunate human error on calculating Buried's total score. As such, here are the correct overall rankings.

Buried #4 is now #7
GK #6 is now #5
Der Riese #7 is now #6
SOE #4(tied) is now solely #4


Introduction: 0:12
Ranking Formula: 1:54
Matt's Mini-Roast: 6:20
Salad: 8:42
Mcsportzhawk's Map Scorecard: 9:35 (teehee)
Thoughts on Black Ops 4 Zombies: 16:25
Community Vote: 18:19
Content Creator Vote: 19:09
Casual Vote: 25:12
Best Map Rankings: 27:49
Worst Maps Rankings: 31:58
Variable % Rankings: 32:32

It seems like it's been done by nearly every creator time and time again. The Worst to Best Zombie Maps Raking or The Top 10 Best Zombie Maps of all-time or Treyarch's best zombie maps by rank. Well, this is going to be different than any other zombies ranking video you've seen before. You can probably tell by the length of the video, this isn’t going to be a basic ranking. First, I'm going to show you what MY opinion is, but I'm also going to show you what your opinion is. Well, what the community data says anyway. We'll look at what 20 other zombie content creators think, what absolute clowns think, what the blogs think, and even what a lot of you had to say.

Taking all of this data into consideration, we will determine, once and for all, what the worst and what the best Treyarch Zombies maps are -- all the way from World at War Zombies to Black Ops 4 zombies. So pretty much Black Ops zombies, Black Ops 2 Zombies, and Black Ops 3 zombies. Lots of the black ops zombies!!

This is the breakdown/formula I used to rank the maps:

60% (weight value) -- Community data - via the poll I conducted which got over 35,000 votes -- this is likely the best way to determine truly which is the "best" map in zombies as it takes thousands of opinions and crunches those opinions down to hard numbers. How many people like which maps the best. Numbers don't lie.

35% (weight value) -- Content creator data - compiled of 20 different, complete (up to date) rankings from fellow YouTubers -- I'm giving this source a 35% weight because the public interest and opinion of the game is HEAVILY influenced by the creative community. I would argue this could be even more influential than I'm giving it credit for, but for the sake of the video's purpose, I'm not going to give too much influence to the ... influencers.

5% (weight value) -- Various public opinion - reddit, blogs, tiermaker Now I have to say, these fools are pretty freaking wack in their opinions… in my opinion. But if you want my opinion you'll have to watch the rest of the video. I'll roast some of these in a few minutes. I have to give them at least some consideration in this assessment, because someone out there voted on these and although we may all laugh at them endlessly, their votes count too. We will refer to this small portion of the score as the "casuals vote”.

'Zombie' YouTubers in this video
Tim Hansen:
Glitching Queen:
MJPW Gaming:

Community Votes Source:

Matt's Scorecard:

Content Creator Votes:

Casual Vote Sources:

Final Rankings (tweet me @mcsportzhawk if you want me to post the various % ideas you think are best suited!)
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