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Satoshi Kon’s 1997 psychological horror movie Perfect Blue is a masterpiece -- and its strange horror has become something that nobody could have forseen 20 years ago.

This is a deep-dive into Satoshi Kon’s dark mirror on Japanese idol culture and the role of the Otaku -- and how it evolved from an extreme social outlier into a cultivable brand identity for the masses.

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Every Frame a Painting: Satoshi Kon - Editing Time and Space

Creative Credits

Original script: Michal Saba

Movies/TV shows shown in this video

Perfect Blue (1997)
Millennium Actress (2001)
Tokyo Godfathers (2003)
Paprika (2006)
Dark Water (2002)
Kairo (2001)
Pulse (2006)
Ringu (1998)
K-On (2009)
Jellyfish Princess (2010)
Ghost in the Shell (1995)
Patlabor - The Movie (1989)
Akira (1988)
Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
Johnny Mnemonic (1995)
Your Name (2016)
Samsara (2011)
Net-juu no Susume (2017)
Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san (2018)
OTAKU (1994)
NHK ni Youkoso! (2006)

YouTube Credits (Excerpts)

History of Manga PART 01 | Tano- Shii

Studio 1 Henry IV | Classic Television

Anime Expo 2017 Fun | mamuro5254

The Truth About Furries- Fandom Not Fetish | Vice

Time Lapse of Crowd Control in Tokyo Japan for Comic Market. | holdmanchristmas

Milsim West: Seize Grozny | Marine Rifleman (Echo 1 Platinum) Part 1 |


Ephraim - Beherit Party (album State of Decay)
Ephraim - Empty Submergents (album Crowded Echoes)

David Bowie - Crystal Japan
Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts II - 18
Edith Piaf - La Vie en rose
Other Breath - Akira Yamaoka
Lesik (feat. Blue Bird) - Floex

Contains music from the following albums:
Perfect Blue OST by Masahiro Ikumi
Shin Megami Tensei III - Nocturne OST by Shoji Meguro
The Void OST by mushroomer
Ghost in the Shell OST by Kenji Kawai
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines OST by Rik Schaffer

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