The Spirit Realm and the Ministry of Angels

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Moment of Truth Ministries - Online Services

Sunday Service: - 1pm (GMT Time)

Tuesday National Weekly Home Bible Fellowship: 8 - (GMT Time)


National Weekly Home Bible Fellowship YouTube page: Copy and paste this link.

Growing Christians into Disciples, to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For enquiries contact 07 858 177 345

Please enjoy this "The Hidden Lies of Bible Translations Exposed on TV!!" Revelation TV interview with Teacher of God's Truth Samson Jebutu. Copy and paste this link.

VISIT US Sunday Meetings 10:30am LIVE online YouTube service: Copy and paste this link.

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Moment of Truth Ministries website

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2020 Annual Conference

Next Conference 28th to 30th August 2020

Birmingham Regional Retreat postponed till after lockdown

Bible School Training postponed till after lockdown

Highgate Road Chapel, Chetwynd Road, London, NW5 1BU


Sunday Service at ‘The Hampton by Hilton Hotel, Luton’

Now Broadcasting LIVE on YouTube, see above.

Volume One & Two

Volume Three

For unleavened bread and Alcohol-free communion wine contact:

Alcohol-free communion wine




Unleavened Bread


Rise of angels обзор

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