Titoudao - Inspired by the True Story of a Wayang Star 《剃头刀 - 阿签传奇》 Episode 2 Trailer

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Synopsis (English)
From a poor kampong girl to a shining wayang star, “Titoudao: Inspired By A True Wayang Star” is a series that follows the turbulent and colourful story of a real-life wayang star, Madam Oon Ah Chiam. A celebrated wayang performer who has to take on multiple hardships and challenges in life in order to realize her dreams and find her place in the world. This epic biography also parallels pivotal events in Singapore’s history to showcase how our lives have been transformed over the course of over 50 years. Taking on ever-changing roles in her life, Ah Chiam was brought up in a harsh environment and comes from a poor family of 12 children. Born during the Japanese invasion, her father has always suspected Chiam to be the product of a Japanese soldier’s rape and despised her for that. Having to deal with a mean-spirited father who constantly finds ways to abandon her, Ah Chiam had to prove her worth at a young age in order to convince her father to keep her in the family. After working multiple jobs prove insufficient to earn her stay, Ah Chiam made the ultimate sacrifice of joining the famous Sin Sai Hong wayang troupe along with her sister, Ah Dui. Suddenly being entrusted into an unfamiliar world, Ah Chiam must quickly adapt to the rigorous training regime and strict traditions of the wayang school. She had to work hard to earn her ranks and the respect of her peers. She must also protect her sister, Ah Dui, from a perverted wayang troupe trainer (Seng) who also happens to be the brother of Master Gwee, the troupe master. Sin Sai Hong would later propel Ah Chiam into stardom and transform her into a celebrity in the wayang world. Her rise in the ranks will also put her up against a rival, Ah Ngor, another star performer in the troupe who will do anything to win a part. Ah Chiam will also develop a love triangle with Ah Zai, the son of Master Gwee, and Ah Hock, a pushcart hawker who is also her number fan. Who will Ah Chiam eventually pick and can she survive the scheming Ah Ngor? “Titoudao: Inspired By A True Wayang Star” is Mediacorp’s first English language period series that is set to introduce viewers to the wayang world and a nostalgic look-back at our nation’s history. With a story that spans over 50 years, the series chronicles the resilience and unbreakable spirit of Madam Oon Ah Chiam in the face of ever-changing adversity and her continual strive to preserve a dying art form.

Preceded by: 单翼天使 My Guardian Angels

Koe Yeet as Ah Chiam
Andie Chen as Gwee Seng
Constance Lau
Nick Shen as Gwee Boon
Joel Choo
Fann Wong
Tasha Low as Ah Dui
Tosh Zhang as Poh Liat

Theme Song
You'll Only Love Me (When I'm Gone) by Masia One (English ver.)
失去了才爱我 by Masia One (Mandarin ver.)
Rise of angels обзор

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