Tomb Raider 6.2: the Dark Renaissance (Cancelled TRLE "Sequel" Game)

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Centuries ago, in the darkest age of European history, dread alchemist PIETER VAN ECKHARDT once forged an alchemical conduit known as the BLOOD SIGN, intended as a tool to aid him in resurrecting a lineage of fallen angels known as the NEPHILIM.

In the year 2002, Eckhardt was on the cusp of resuscitating such a remnant, known as the SLEEPER, until his subjugation at the hands of the indomitable LARA CROFT and her companion – a LUX VERITATIS neonate by the name of KURTIS TRENT, who seemingly went missing in the hours leading up to Eckhardt’s defeat.

Months later, following Lara’s redemption in the eyes of the French authorities, she finds herself back on a familiar trail as more grisly murders – like the one that took her friend and mentor WERNER VON CROY away from her, and forced her on this sinister path to begin with – are being reported in the Bavarian Alps of Germany.

Suspecting that the CABAL may still be at large without their depraved master Eckhardt, Lara sets off to investigate, and to her surprise, the sentient CHIRUGAI – an heirloom of Kurtis’ lineage, and the last Lara saw of him since his disappearance – responds to her conviction.

She ends up in the only place where she can imagine finding him, deep within the crypts of the bomb-ravaged SCHLOSS KRIEGLER on the German-Austrian border.

Lara will have to go far beyond, however, in order to stop THE DARK RENAISSANCE…

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