Tomb Raider : Above the Horizon (Demo) - Shelter Walkthrough

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TRLE Above the Horizon Level 2 All secrets walkthrough

Lara has been captured and imprisoned by an hostile NOVA organization. It demands information about Toris whereabouts. She is Laras only friend. The enemy is really determined. Luckily, in the same time rebels attacked Nova building. This is Laras only chance to get out and find Tori. Explore secrets of the Metropolis city and meet people, who live under oppression of the Nova organization.

There are 2 side quest available. You can only choose one.

I pick Rat Plague during this walkthrough.

Seeking List :

0:05 5$ coins
1:14 Secret #1
3:57 Mesur C96
4:28 "Rat Plague" Side Quest
4:52 5$ coins
5:00 Steam Valve III
8:40 Steam Valve II
9:18 Lock Picks (For secret #4)
9:39 Secret #2
12:10 Steam Valve I
15:46 Secret #3
16:03 Secret #4
17:15 City Gate Key
19:20 Lighter
22:18 Secret #5

Time to give this masterpiece a try !

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