Tomb Raider: Above the Horizon (Demo) Walkthrough

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"Walkthrough" of Tomb Raider (Level Editor): Above the Horizon
Warning: Lara has been captured and imprisoned by an hostile NOVA organization. It demands information about Toris whereabouts. She is Laras only friend. The enemy is really determined. Luckily, in the same time rebels attacked Nova building. This is Laras only chance to get out and find Tori. Explore secrets of the Metropolis city and meet people, who live under oppression of the Nova organization.

This is only a DEMO version of the game with two first levels included. Prologue is an introduction to the game universe and new mechanics. In DEMO version there are a few limits because there still work in progress. Read more in README file.

This game uses a FLEP mode. Some antivirus programs identify the exe file as a threat (false positive alert). The solution is to add the exe file to the ignore list antivirus program. Read more in README file.

Here's link for reviews and download:

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