Trey Smith: Angels & Heaven

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Trey Smith: This is a set of behind-the-scenes clips on Angels and Heaven.

Angels and Heaven are subjects at the core of the Christian Faith. In this video, we discuss a life-after-death experience of a man who was a cattle rancher in West Texas. He died of a of heart attack and was one of the longest on record of being dead - he experienced both heaven and angels.

It is the position of this video that both heaven and angels are MORE REAL than this place.

We hope you enjoy the ride. Beneath are some details about the new materials from God in a Nutshell and Trey Smith. They took roughly all of 2019 to produce, and were released the first month of 2020. The materials certainly deal with both Angels and Heaven, which are major topics of God in a Nutshell.

In this video Trey Smith talks about the new books by God in a Nutshell, amidst a talk on Angels and Heaven. Those books correspond with the new videos; those are: PreFlood, Nimrod and Exodus.

Preflood: Preflood is available in its entirety on Youtube at:

Also mentioned in this Trey Smith video is the TRUMP PROPHECY video. This was the first of its kind. During the 2016 run for president of Donald Trump, this video encouraged millions. The video mysteriously does not even come up under the name "Trey Smith" anymore? Nor, does it come up under the search results of "Trump Prophecy".... It seemed to us like a powerful and very likable video? Also, it is the original. Here is the link to the Trump Prophecy video, FEEL FREE to download the video and use it anyway you like:

Additionally, the "Trump Impeachment prophecy" seems NOT to show up under that title either? In that video we prove that Donald Trump prophecy not only showed he would president, but greater still, there would be an impeachment attempt that consisted of two Feel free to do what you wish with that video as well:


Here is a link to the new book set by Trey Smith

Here is the new set on Amazon:
Preflood: +trey+smith&qid=1583876551&s=digital-text&sr=1-1-catcorr



Please write a review when you get the books!

These are some clips while we work on the films.

Rise of angels обзор

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