Two Kinds of Vision

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You need strong future vision to be successful in life. Learn about the two most important kinds of vision.



The most important kind of vision you can possess is spiritual vision. Request Gerald Flurry’s free book The God Family Vision to discover the glorious riches and wonder of your future, should you choose to obey God. Learn about God the Father’s detailed master plan, probably millions of years in the making, to build a limitless spiritual family. Uncover biblical examples of God’s love for family, how to establish a family relationship with God in this end time, and the glorious reward that results from daily seeking to enter the God Family. Understanding the parallels between physical family and the God Family will cause you to appreciate your physical family, and God’s instruction for families, so much more.

The second most important kind of vision you can possess is historical vision. Request Gerald Flurry’s free booklet Winston S. Churchill: The Watchman to learn about the historical vision that set this bold leader apart from the rest. Churchill was the only man who could have saved Western civilization from defeat against Hitler. Churchill understood the history of the German people. He knew what could happen if a strong leader took control of Germany. His crucial historical knowledge informed his decision to sound the alarm while nearly everyone else sought peace with Hitler. You too can build the historical vision of Churchill and use it to better understand the future, as foretold in the pages of your Bible.

Also request our free colorful pamphlet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire to see what Churchill saw in the rise of Hitler. Combine historical vision with spiritual vision to grasp God’s plan for Germany—both in the painful near future and in the joyous World Tomorrow.

All our literature is available free of charge, at no cost or obligation to you. Request The God Family Vision and our materials on Winston Churchill and Germany. Order now!
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