VAMPIRE - Melek-Taus (Lyric Video)

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VAMPIRE - Melek-Taus (Lyric Video). Taken from the album "Rex", out June 16th, 2020. Order now:

From the cursed crypts of Gothenburg, VAMPIRE arise to present their third studio album “Rex”, which has been recorded at in Studio Nacksving in 2019/2020, was mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano and features artwork by Mitchell Nolte. Now, ‘Melek-Taus’ is the first track revealed from this sinister offering.

VAMPIRE states about the new single:
“Melek-Taus is the first 'real' single released from "Rex" and it happens to be the final song on the album. It's probably one of the most well-crafted VAMPIRE songs we've made in every aspect. The lyrics for this one have a death defying, heroically reckless attitude. Listen and judge by yourselves!”

“Rex” will be released on June 19th, 2020 and presales have started today! It will be released on vinyl, as limited edition CD digipak and on all digital platforms.


Limited shirt bundle offers are available at the band’s webstore:
Limited clear vinyl (200x) and red vinyl (400x) are available at

Video created by Aimed&Framed


Bless our weapons
With cruel majesty
Ignite our spirits
In barbaric ecstasy

Fill our song
With poetry of dread
Sparks of splendour emanating
From the highest godhead

Lead: Sepulchral Condor

Inspire our breasts
With records of the brave
Lift our flesh
Beyond the darkness of the grave

To every soul asleep
Underneath Sinjari pines:
Rise out of the gloom
Of the desecrated shrines

We call upon the bird of prayer
The angel with scythes for wings
Creator, idol and slayer
Eater of saints and kings

Shaitanic rebel principle
Looming in the sky
Righteous and invincible
Hear our battle cry!

We are daughters of the desert night
Sirens of the sand
Raven-haired amazons
Of the untamed land

Abandon be our victory
Beauty our decoy
The angels of Melek-Taus
Are ready to destroy
Rise of angels обзор

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