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Session 7 - October 21, 2019
VC Outside the Valley Panel
What does it look like to raise money outside the major tech hubs?

Mark Rucci - Director of Platform Strategy, Rise of the Rest Seed Fund
He joined Revolution in 2018 and works with policymakers, universities, investors, startups, corporations, media, and ecosystem builders to foster innovation and democratize access to capital in all parts of the country.

Prior to joining the firm, Mark was a Business Analyst at Deloitte Consulting focusing on innovation and customer strategy based in Washington, DC. While at Deloitte, Mark helped civilian, national security, and private sector clients build the capacity to become more innovative through the use of prize design, grand challenges, segmentation, and workforce strategy.

Mark has published papers with Oxfam International, the European Commission, and the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion at the London School of Economics on the subject of economic inequality, poverty, and intergenerational mobility.

Mark graduated from the University of Delaware with a BA/MPA in public policy. He earned a master’s degree in social and economic inequality from the London School of Economics.

Beth Engel is a partner at Dundee Venture Capital, a seed-stage venture fund based in Omaha, Nebraska. Her diverse experience includes teaching spirited middle-schoolers and working at every level of three Nebraska-based startups, including joining Hayneedle as its twelfth employee, now a 600-employee venture-backed business acquired by Walmart in 2016.

After graduation from business school, she embarked on a four-year stint in the public sector at the FBI where she helped to launch the first-ever Bureau-wide leadership development program (LDP). Beth is a co-founder of Interface: the Web School, and was an investor and mentor for Straight Shot, Omaha's first startup accelerator. She is a board advisor of several of Dundee’s portfolio companies (Bulu, Divvy, and Summersalt). Beth is on the board at her alma mater, Marian High School, and volunteers at St. Pius X / St. Leo Catholic Elementary school.

She has an MBA from Georgetown University, a Masters in Teaching from the University of Portland, and a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Notre Dame.


Victor Gutwein is the founder and managing partner of M25, a Chicago-based VC firm that has been the most active early-stage investor in the Midwest, with over 90 portfolio companies in the past 5 years (including 5 in Nebraska). Victor is also a Kauffman Fellow (class 22).

Prior to M25, Victor was the youngest member of Hyde Park Angels where he led the consumer product team, and was on the founding board of the University of Chicago student-run VC fund.


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