Virgo Soul Mate April 2019 ~ Your Earth Angel is Leaping With Joy!

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Virgo Soul Mate April 2019 ~ Your Earth Angel is Leaping With Joy!

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Welcome to Moon Rise Cottage Soul Tarot. My readings focus on channeled messages from my Spirit Guides. I use the Journey of Love Oracle, The Mystical Shaman Oracle, The Animal Medicine Oracle, The Celtic Wisdom Tarot, and the Rider Waite Tarot to illustrate the channeled messages. Together with my Spirit Guides we discover the Sacred Energy of each moment that reveals the Spiritual Magic of your Soul's Destiny.


30 MINUTE RAPID ANSWER SESSION: $50 Fast and Fun! This is for anyone who wants to get a few quick questions answered. Photo of the cards via Text Message.

60 MINUTE SESSION ~ $75 Includes 15 minutes of initial discussion, full card spread, my interpretation, Channelled Messages, and a photo of your cards sent via Text Message.

EXTENDED SESSION 1.5 hours ~ $125 Includes a more in-depth initial discussion & Channelled Messages about your life circumstances including a deeper card spread interpretation, time for questions and discussion, and photos of your spread sent via Text Message.

FULL CONSULTATION 2.0 hours ~ $175– Highly recommended. Clients often find it valuable to have a lot of time so all messages can be received from Spirit. A Full Consultation includes: discussion/channeled information prior to and after the card spread, my interpretations, video recording, and photo via Text Message.

***Full Consultations are best for gaining in-depth information and understanding of your life circumstances, soul situation and progress, the way forward for success or change, and for clarity in complex life situations.

SHAMANIC HEALING RETREATS: You are invited to explore a personal journey of discovery and Shamanic Healing at Moon Rise Cottage with Mary Ellen and her Spirit Guides.

Shamanic Retreats coincide with the cycles of the Moon and other significant events in the cosmos. These cycles intensify the energy at Moon Rise Cottage allowing you to step into the MRC portal to experience the flow of sacred energy.

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