Warhammer 40k battle report 016: Knights vs Dark Angels part 1

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In this report I'm playing solo as coronavirus means that I can't have anyone round to play a game. It's my knights against my dark angels. I make quite a few rules mistakes, or at least forget a fair few rules throughout the game. Trying to remember two armies rules whilst filming was quite tricky. It was great fun to do though. However, I recorded so much that I had to do two separate videos. The second will be uploaded soon. I have a terrible internet connection at my house so any longer than an hour and it's really hard to upload. Apologies and I hope you still enjoy.

Ps. I discovered the app I use to edit has sound effects and I went a bit overboard.



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Sponsored by The Games Table, 86 Magdalen Street, Norwich.

Intro and Outro music by Derek & Brandon Fiechter - used with permission 
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