We are heirs of the Father

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We are heirs of the Father;
We are joint-heirs with the Son.
We are children of the Kingdom;
We are a family, we are one.

We are washed, we are sanctified;
We are cleansed by His blood.
We are born of His Spirit;
We are children of the Lord.

We are members of His body;
We are objects of His love.
We’re partakers of His holiness;
We are citizens of heaven above.

We are partakers of His suffering;
We’re partakers of His grace.
We shall meet Him to be like Him;
We shall see Him face to face.

We are longing for His coming;
We are looking to the skies.
We are watching, we are waiting;
We shall dwell with Him, we shall rise.

We shall reign with Him forever;
Men and angels shout and sing.
For dominion has been given;
To the family of the king.
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