Weekly Angel Card Reading for May 4th - 10th, 2020

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This week, Mercury, the Messenger, is connecting with several planets throughout the week. On Monday he will connect with the Sun in Taurus. On Saturday he will trine Pluto, planet of transformation, and on Sunday he will trine Jupiter, planet of blessings. With Mercury and the Sun in Taurus, we will have a focus on our personal resources, including money. The connection to Pluto and Jupiter may bring us some powerful and potentially beneficial news. Communications regarding our resources and values are most likely highlighted. The most important astrological happening this week is stern Saturn turning to retrograde motion on Sunday at 1 degree of Aquarius. Saturn will be retrograde until the end of September giving us plenty of time to restructure our inner and outer world. He asks us to take responsibility for learning the lessons he is trying to teach us, including patience, determination and perseverance in working towards our goals.

The message from our angels and guides shows energies of chaos to start out the week. It feels as though this is the upheaval energy that we have all been going through for a few weeks now because of what is happening in the collective of humanity worldwide. Our lives are all changing in some is effected by the global pandemic on some level, whether physical, material, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Our fears and anxieties are at an ebb and flow for most of us, with a lack of clarity about how we will all proceed. The middle of the week looks as though we are receiving some beneficial news, new resources, new ideas, support and other blessings. Something is growing and expanding. Be open to receive what is being offered. Be confident and rise into your leadership abilities. There seems to be a breakthrough on some level that is occurring. We are in a time of change and it is important to balance the masculine and feminine energies within action and decision making with surrendering and allowing things to unfold in Divine Timing. Turtle is strong animal medicine move slowly but are determined to reach their destination. The turtle was also telling us that we are in a cycle of completion and getting ready for a new beginning with new opportunities to live and experience life in a new way.

The Archangel energy that showed up to guide us this week is Archangel Raguel. He is assisting us with "Relationship Harmony" and the resolution of conflicts with our associations with is also helping us understand that all is unfolding in "Divine Order" and if we can look past the illusion of what is happening we will see and understand the underlying order.

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