What Is The War Of The Realms? Malekith's Rise To Power Versus Thor (War Of The Realms Prelude)

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War Of The Realms has been in development for more than five years inside the pages of Thor. Starting in Thor God Of Thunder #13, Malekith has been on a mission to watch the realms burn before him!
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What is the war of the realms? How did this all get started?

The concept for War of the Realms #1 started more than five years ago inside the pages of Thor God Of Thunder #13, when Malekith escaped the pits of Niffleheim with the aid of some loyal dark elves. After this, he went on a spree that would see the end of the race of dark elves, but in a twist they elected him to his rightful place as King. Now, with his power regained, Malekith sought allies in other realms to help him achieve his goal of dominance. The frost giants, the trolls and the minions of the cinder queen all stood beside him. He married his way into control of Alfheim, and launched attacks on the other realms. Without the rainbow bridge, and lacking Mjolnir, Thor has been powerless to stop the encroaching hordes, but now they make their move on Midgard, and after War Of The Realms #1 things may never be the same.
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